You will be walking for 2km. Intensity: basic / medium (walk at slow pace). This activity is available from Monday to Friday.

Join us in a mountain walk uphill, herding the llamas with local hosts! During this walk you will have to opportunity to witness beautiful landscapes and learn more about this unique auquenido. Did you know that Incas used them as pack animals? Their paws don’t erode roads or mountains, as horses’ and donkeys’ paws do, that’s why llama as a pack animal helps the conservation of the ecosystem. Once you reach the top of the mountain, get ready to taste a delicious Andean picnic!

Includes: Local guide (Spanish and English), Andean picnic, snacks, transportation.


– Camera
– Water
– Umbrella or rain coat
– Comfortable clothes and shoes
– Sunblock and sunglasses

And the best attitude!

If you want something customized, send an e-mail to info@kunigo.com.pe
Price (for 2 pax): US $149.00 pax. VAT not included (applies only for Peruvians).
Special group rates for groups of 3+. Special rates for people coming from Urubamba.

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Pumahuanca is a mountain with a large ravine, located between Urubamba and Calca in the Sacred Valley, at 5,320 meters above sea level. If you look southeast from the mountain you can appreciate the view of Chicon mountain.

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  • 7:30 AMPickup from hotel or meeting point.
  • 9:00 AMArrival at Pumahuanca.
  • 9:10 AM Learn about ancient llamas' use
  • 10:00 AMThe trek with llamas begins!
  • 11:00 AMBreak and Andean Picnic
  • 12:00 PMDownhill walk
  • 12:30 PMTime to return to Cusco.
  • 2:00 PMArrival at hotel or meeting point.


Improve communities’ livelihoods:
Part of the incomes of this activity will be used on community projects that will improve the local people’s living conditions.

Revalue llama as a pack animal
You’ll be part of a project that works to recover traditional uses and breeding of pack llamas for the tourism industry as a tool for sustainable rural development and conservation of mountain ecosystems in the Urubamba Mountain Range of Cusco, Peru.

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