Discover andean medicinal plants


She is known as the wisest woman of the community because of her ancestral knowledge in natural medicine. In her daily life she is an artisan who makes beautiful textiles to sell in the local market. However, in her free time you will find her collecting different kinds of plants to create natural recipes.

Get to know the ancestral knowledge in traditional medicine based on natural plants and feel as an authentic healer! The activity begins with a walk to collect medicinal plants. Then you will use them, among with other ingredients, to prepare creams and oils in an old traditional way. You will be amazed by the magical properties of these ancestral plants!

Includes: Local guide (Spanish), English translator (optional), activity supplies, transportation


– Snacks and water.
– Camera.
– Umbrella or Rain Coat (especially during rainy season from November to April).
– Sunblock.
– Comfortable shoes

And the best attitude!

If you want something customized send an e-mail to info@kunigo.com.pe
Price (For 2 pax): US $79.00 pax (Spanish) / US $89.00 pax (English: includes translator). VAT not included (applies only for Peruvians)
Special group rates for groups of 4+.

Amaru, Cusco, Peru


Amaru is a community of 200 families eager to teach the world about their ancient heritage and culture such as natural plants used in traditional medicine. Amaru is known for its attractive houses, traditional agricultural terraces and archaeological ruins.

  • 7:50 AMPickup from hotel or meeting point.
  • 8:00 AMThe trip begins.
  • 9:30 AMArrival at Amaru and welcome to the community.
  • 10:00 AMTake a short walk and discover the magical plants that grow in Amaru.
  • 10:30 AMWorkshop: Natural medicine preparation.
  • 12:00 PMTime to go to Cusco.
  • 1:30 PMArrival to hotel or meeting point.


Empowering women:
This activity empowers women of the communities by providing them job opportunities and sustainable livelihoods.

Local wisdom:
By participating in this activity you are encouraging locals to preserve ancestral knowledge learned from past generations such as traditional techniques.

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