Camping in Huilloc Alto

You might get dirty! Consider that you will be working with mud if you choose the agricutural activity. Available dates: March 15th to January 3rd due to rainy season.


Francisca’s family has five members: Francisca, Juan and their three children: Yeritza, Clever and Janet. Juan works with travelers on the Inca trails and Francisca receives support from her father and stepmother every day in the camping. When help is needed, she also receives support from her neighbors to carry out cultural activities and teach travelers how to do them!

Need a little break from the city? Come to Huilloc Alto community and camp in the most comfortable tent ever! Pillows, springs mattress, feather quilts, nightstands, hot water and the best view ever. This sustainable camping in the mountains is for adventurous people who want to disconnect to have a real connection, and Huilloc Alto is the perfect place for that. Your host will be a local family from whom you’ll learn their traditions and their simplicity of life.

Includes: Local guide (Spanish), Andean dinner, breakfast, cultural activity (you can choose between learning to make Andean textiles or agriculture), activity supplies, transportation.

X Does not include: English translator


– Flashlight
– Warm clothes for the night
– Camera
– Umbrella or rain coat
– Comfortable clothes and shoes
– Sunblock and sunglasses

And the best attitude!

If you want something customized or to include an English guide to this experience, send an e-mail to info@kunigo.com.pe
Price (For 2 pax): US $149.00 pax. VAT not included (applies only for Peruvians).
Special group rates for groups of 4+.

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Huilloc Alto is a community of 55 families, located in a mountain 13km from Ollantaytambo. There is no vehicle acces to the community, but the breathtaking views and the warm welcome from the locals make the journey worth it. You will find many children with colorful clothes, spreading joy everywhere.

  • 2:20 PMPickup from hotel or meeting point.
  • 2:30 PMThe trip begins.
  • 4:30 PMArrival at Huilloc Alto and welcome to the community.
  • 5:00 PMCultural activity!
  • 7:00 PMTime for an Andean meal.
  • 8:00 AMBreakfast.
  • 9:30 AMLight walk to a breathtaking viewpoint.
  • 11:00 AMTime to return to Cusco.
  • 1:00 PMArrival at hotel or meeting point.


Improve communities’ livelihoods:
Part of the incomes of this activity will be used on community projects that will improve the local people’s living conditions.

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