A day as a farmer

You might get dirty! Consider that you will be working with mud. This activity can only be booked from April to November due to the raining season.


He uses his knowledge of the wind, moon, sun and rain to carry out his plantings and harvests. Segundino is one of the wisest men in the community because of his ancestral knowledge in agriculture. He enjoys sharing it with travelers that visit him.

Get ready to experience a day as a farmer using ancient tools such as the chaquitalla, the cuti and the lampa. During the activity, you will learn the mysteries of the Andean agriculture, the diversity of its crops and the rituals that connect the Pachamama with nature and agriculture. You will also get to know the main products of Huayllafara: corn, potatoes, beans and quinoa.

Includes: Local guide (Spanish), English translator (optional), activity supplies, transportation.


– Snacks and water
– Camera
– Umbrella or rain coat
– Comfortable clothes and shoes

And the best attitude!

If you want something customized send an e-mail to info@kunigo.com.pe
Price (For 2 pax): US $79.00 pax (Spanish) / US $89.00 pax (English: includes translator). VAT not included (applies only for Peruvians).
Special group rates for groups of 4+.

Huayllafara, Cusco, Peru


Huayllafara is a community of 40 families. Its main activities are agriculture and animal rearing. The adults are generally in charge of the agriculture, while the children of the rearing. The villagers work with different crops, depending on the season, due to the direct relationship between agriculture and astrology.

  • 7:50 AMPickup from hotel or meeting point.
  • 8:00 AMThe trip begins.
  • 9:30 AMArrival at Huayllafara and welcome to the community.
  • 9:40 AMVisit the interpretation center and learn the functions of the Andean clock.
  • 10:10 PMBe a farmer and learn all the ancestral techniques!
  • 12:00 PMTime to return to Cusco.
  • 1:30 PMArrival to hotel or meeting point.


Improve communities’ livelihoods: Part of the incomes of this activity will be used on community projects that will improve the local people’s living conditions.

Local wisdom: By participating in this activity you are encouraging locals to preserve ancestral knowledge learned from past generations such as traditional techniques.

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